Cebu City Tour: Pasiyo sa Kabilin ("Heritage Walk")

Pasiyo sa Kabilin (“Heritage Walk”) promotes Cebu’s heritage sites within the Spanish colonial settlement and Parian, the district assigned to Chinese settlers which eventually rose to become the residential enclave of the wealthiest merchants and traders. Visit some truly veritable treasures of the City!

Itinerary (Day 2: Sunday, November 16, 2014)

Cebu City Heritage Walk 2:00PM Starts at Fort San Pedro
2:30PM Bus: Magellan's Cross
3:00PM Walk: Basilica de Santo Niño
3:10PM Walk: Cathedral Church & Museum
3:30PM Walk: Cathedral Museum
3:45PM Walk: Plaza Hamabar
4:15PM Bus: Herigtage Monument
4:45PM The Jesuit House 1730 -- Museo Pari-an
5:15PM Yap-San Diego Ancestral House


* Transportation is sponsored by the City Government however there are standard costs for the tour guide and entrance fees. The minimal tour fees per person will be announced soon.


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