Custom CKEditor Widgets with Drupal


Site contents are integral to your site and site editors are part of your critical user base. A good way to enhance their experience is to improve their main tool: the WYSIWYG editor. CKEditor is a robust, flexible, and popular WYSIWYG tool downloaded almost 10 million times! It has strong and active Open Source community and has solid integration with Drupal. Actually, in Drupal 8, CKEditor is installed by default, a testament to its high importance. Likewise, CKEditor widgets make your CKEditor more powerful: you could embed inline maps, ads, charts, etc. Without using CKEditor plugin/widget system, the only way to embed these objects (like ads or maps) is by using Drupal blocks. Yet, sometimes you want to show ads or maps inline with the page's contents. This session will demonstrate the setup of CKEditor in Drupal and development of custom widgets, including tips and common pitfalls. We will discuss actual Drupal widget implementations also as used in our CNN Travel site.

2014 - 11:30


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