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NO - this is not a recruitment ad for a multi-level marketing scheme. We don't want that here. What we want is to share how to jumpstart your web-development career with tips-and-tricks to keep it as free-as-possible! - - - - - YES? ATTEND THIS SESSION IF: * I have no MAC or PC (or any hipster gadget for that matter) * I live in a remote area (specifically a mountain or one of the 7,107 islands) * I want to be good developer someday (Drupal, WordPress, PHP, Python, etc.) - but I don't know where to start :( * I still fund my own tuition / I still live with my parents (nothing wrong with that, but let's consider this) * the conditions above doesn't really apply to me, but I'm always eager to learn new ideas! - - - - - Things to learn in this session: [ ] TOOLS - hardware & software that will help you with your Drupal developer career [ ] TECHNIQUES - how to approach common development problems & properly solve them [ ] DECIDE - decide on what kind of developer you want to be, after attending the session [ ] #ItsMoreFunInThePhilippines - find out how the speaker survives traveling the Philippine islands while working as a software engineer - - - - - ... and more. Get advice in the question-and-answer portion. Most importantly: LETS. HAVE. FUN! (Pinoy style)

2014 - 14:15


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