Our speakers are international thinkers and doers from business and academia, each bringing their view of the challenges and opportunities available to us.

Drupal on HHVM

by Arnold French

The topic will cover the installation of HHVM, Nginx, and MySQL on a Linux VM up into running Drupal with some basic features. We will also try to benchmark and compare the performance between...

DevOps using Docker & Drupal

by Zakatell Nur Kanda

In this session I'll demonstrate how to start your Drupal project with a good setup using Docker. In DevOps, we try to have a development machine as close as the server you will use. This machine...

Virtual Products with Commerce Modules

by John Rudolph Bautista

This session will cover on how to create a site that sells virtual products (roles, downloadable stuff like pdf) and tips on how to setup recurring/subscriptions payments.

Start your Drupal career with ā‚±0

by Marc Robinsone Caballero

NO - this is not a recruitment ad for a multi-level marketing scheme. We don't want that here. What we want is to share how to jumpstart your web-development career with tips-and-tricks to keep...

Vagrant + Drush : Virtualized Development...

by Bryan Serad

This topic covers the basic usage of Vagrant. An amazing tool used for managing virtual machines in order to create virtualized development environment via a command line interface. This also...

Be Sassy with SASS

by Dexie Carla

An in-depth discussion about SASS. Learn the basics of this very helpful front-end tool in styling your website: from installation, syntax on how to use, up to some tricks that will make your...

What to measure and why to obtain the best...

by andrew kucharski

Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted. - Albert Einstein, Physicist This is a business session that will reflect on our drive towards...

DIY Cont. Integration: Know It. Do It. Now.

by Johnnie Fox

Continuous Integration (CI) is the practice of successfully smashing bits of code together to make a finished product. That's it. This means using version control to manage your bits. This means...

Drupal + Varnish in the Cloud

by Dino Simeon Madarang

This session will discuss how you can quickly develop, deploy and improve Drupal application performance using Platform-as-a-Service, Openshift.

Module development with Drupal 8

by Luc Bezier

Drupal 8 is introducing a lot of changes for developers from modern OOP, improved APIs, Symfony 2 components and more. In this session, we will explore some of the changes that every drupal...

The Science and Art of Effective Web and...

by Chester Cornelio

This is a an echo from one of HFI's CUA Certification training modules. Designing intuitive and effective user interfaces is both science and art. It involves implementing user-centered...

Drupal-To-Drupal Migration

by Ranny Navarro

Ever wonder how to migrate your Drupal data from one version (old) to another (newer)? If so, this session is especially organized for you. Covering topics such as Role, User, Term, File, Node...

Project Estimation:Survival Guide

by Johnnie Fox

Come join me for a fun filled session on to discuss estimations and how to make them better. We will discuss hard learned concepts for improving your estimations tomorrow Highlights: * Why...

Drupal and AngularJS

by Gerald Villorente

A basic introduction on how to integrate AngularJS with Drupal and Views.

Be Brilliant With Compass

by Timothy Escopete

To be sassy in writing CSS is one thing; to be brilliant is another. Nathan Smith puts it by saying, "where sass left off, compass goes to the next level." With compass, learn beyond what sass...

Custom CKEditor Widgets with Drupal

by Ranel Padon

Site contents are integral to your site and site editors are part of your critical user base. A good way to enhance their experience is to improve their main tool: the WYSIWYG editor. CKEditor is...

Introduction to Drupal 8 Theming using Twig

by Paul de Paula

This session will introduce you to twig on Drupal 8, will demo on how to create a theme based on twig.

Spam Cleanup

by Neil Alwin Hermosilla

Spams are really a pain in the ass for both user and administrators. I find it really important for everyone to have a fundamentals in dealing with email (spam or regular) for them to avoid being...

Migrating Data from External System to...

by Adolfo Nasol

In this session we want to share things we've done to pull and get the data from ZENCART to Drupal Commerce. We will walk through some of the challenges encountered in migrating data from...

DrupalCamp Speaking 101

by Ryan Chartrand

After your first couple of DrupalCamps, you start to think more and more about getting up and giving a talk. But then you realize you have no idea where to even get started. Or even worse, you...

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by Donnabel Carato

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by andrew kucharski

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